Studying with The Boss Whisperer

In October, 2012 I traveled to Fairfax, VA to study with Laura Crawshaw, PhD, aka The Boss Whisperer and am now a member of the Boss Whispering Institute. Laura has a great sense of humor and has written a book, “Taming the Abrasive Manager,” which can help you if you work for or with someone who rubs you and your coworkers the wrong way. What I like most about Laura’s approach to what others call “workplace bullying” is her respectful, targeted approach to a problem that most people have no idea how to handle. I certainly didn’t until I read Laura’s book and realized that it is possible to intervene successfully to end suffering in the workplace. I highly recommend Laura’s training: it will will help you gain insight into how to foster dignity and respect within your organization and much more. As a member of The Boss Whispering Institute, you gain access to a group of like-minded individuals as well as many resources that Laura has generously shared with us.


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